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This webinar starts in:

2019/03/8 1:30 PM EST

A Better, Faster, Stronger TruckMate with API Integration

March 8th, 2019 1:30-2:30 PM EDT




Join our TruckMate product managers to learn about the new API's available for your TMS! API integrations allow your TruckMate software to perform even more functions for your team, providing a more efficient workflow and even better value for your company. Learn how API's such as Freight Bill Import can improve the way you manage orders and other vital duties of your day-to-day.

During our webinar, you'll learn about:

• TM4Web, an add-on module that allows customers to manage
  orders and billing, and allows outside agents to manage their
  freight using an online portal.

 Mobile comm and asset tracking integrations

 ART Server web services integration for Operations and Back
  Office functions

Who Should Attend:

System Analysts, Developers, and IT personnel using TruckMate.

About the Presenters:

Joe Cook, Product Manager
A seasoned Product Manager, Joe is responsible for the lifecycle of TruckMate products, developing marketing strategies to drive innovation. He also acts as a liaison to the Product Advisory Customer Committee. For the past 8 years, Joe has offered the Trimble Transportation team a wealth of industry knowledge.
Jake Lopez, Product Manager
Jake has been a Product Manager at TruckMate for 4 years. In this time, he’s been heavily involved in business analysis, product development, and IT architecture in the transportation industry. Prior to Trimble, Jake worked for a ship manufacturer and marine transportation company in Vancouver, Canada.
Jeff Bendixsen, Sales Engineer
Jeff has been a prominent influence on TruckMate and the development of many of its add-on modules. Following 4 years with TruckMate, he spent time as a consultant for TruckMate customers, immersing himself in creating unique client solutions. After returning to Trimble, Jeff became responsible for the initial conversion to DB2 and the development of TM4Web, ConnectedDock, DASH apps, ART Server architecture, and more.