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Transportation ESP: Turning Your Data into Predictive Intelligence

About the Event:

Get the deep business insight you need for critical decision-making, to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement. 

TITLE: Transportation ESP: Turning Your Data into Predictive Intelligence


Nick Orlando is a business intelligence and analytics leader with 9 years of experience at TMW Systems. He guides his team through envisioning and developing innovative BI/analytics and optimization software solutions for the transportation and logistics industry.

Chris Peel is the Business Intelligence Solution Engineer with TMW Systems.  With 17 years in transportation and logistics, he focuses on bringing data and intelligence driven decision, automation, and machine learning tools to the transportation industry. 

Chris's passion is providing leading edge software solutions to transportation companies in an industry that is competitive as ever.  
Clint Vrazel is a software developer with TMW Systems. Since joining TMW 2 years ago, Clint has brought together his passion and expertise in statistics, optimization, and creative collaboration for TMW's routing and dispatch solutions and for the Data Science Team. He draws on his previous decade of experience as a corporate trainer and improviser to train clients, tell better stories with data, and improve user experience. Current projects include data mining and automated data quality using machine learning.


CEO/ Owner, VP of Transportation, I.T. Director, Transportation Manager, or Business Analyst who is looking to improve actionable intelligence in their freight transportation or fleet management sectors.



"Big data" is great, but most of the time it has you looking through the rear windshield at what has happened.  What is most beneficial is the ability to look through the forward windshield and predict what is coming ahead so you can make changes and adjustments; making your  business more efficient and profitable in the short and long terms.  This session will explore how to take the descriptive nature of data and turn it into a powerful predictor of your outcomes.

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the "Ladder" of Business Intelligence
  • How to go from "Data" to "Information" to "Predictive Analytics"
  • How Predictive Analytics can change the Transportation Industry