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Moving Transportation Forward with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed technology designed to transform business operations. As shippers and supply chain professionals seek for transparency and real-time information, blockchain is expected to become the platform for communication in the very near future. But building a Blockchain system requires extensive planning and design.

Our webinar reviews Blockchain technology and its applications for transportation, giving you a clear understanding of this transformative technology.

You'll get:

  • Demo of the very first transportation blockchain technology
  • A clear definition of blockchain and its potential in transportation
  • How blockchain will guide the future of operational efficiency for supply chain
  • How you can gain the competitive advantage through blockchain technology

tl2.pngThis webcast was presented by Timothy Leonard, CTO of TMW Systems. Timothy was recently recognized as 2017 “Data Visionary” in the Americas Data Heroes Awards program sponsored by Hortonworks for his work in business intelligence.