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Building Blockchain Applications

How can Blockchain solve transportation industry problems?

The transportation and logistics industry has been due for an overhaul. The wider adoption of Blockchain technology across other industries is a strong indication that it is time for transportation to take the leap and start thinking about reshaping our industry using better and more efficient tools.

In our second guide, award-winning Data Visionary Timothy Leonard and his team discuss the steps required to build and guide Blockchain applications. Download your complimentary copy now and consider how building Blockchain applications hold a unique structure compared to traditional applications.

The biggest advantage of Blockchain technology is its common framework of applications that is ideally suited to the transactions involved in moving freight, including:

  • Rates, Bids & Contracts
  • Tenders & Load Documentation
  • Billing & Payments
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Asset & Maintenance Management
  • Safety & Quality Assurance

Blockchain technology is reshaping the transportation and logistics industries in ways that can create competitive advantages. To start understanding what it will do for you and your company’s business, download our Guide: Building Blockchain Applications For The Transportation Industry.

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