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Creative Strategies for Combating the Driver Shortage

Amidst ongoing shipping demand, trucking companies are challenged with both recruiting and retaining qualified drivers. Many companies have responded by taking a step back from the status quo and have identified creative perks, benefits and policies that appeal to drivers from different backgrounds. The key to success is applying those perks and policies in a meaningful way.

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Key Takeaways:


for improving your recruitment process

Ways to Expand

your compensation packages


for improving driver quality of life

The Importance of Benefits

Recruiting and retaining drivers is not just about driver compensation, and it’s certainly not as simple as how many cents per mile you pay them. In this guide, we discuss how the tangible and intangible benefits you offer drivers can help you recruit and retain drivers – compensation is just one factor.

You’ll learn how using both recruitment and retention strategies can help your company overcome the driver shortage.

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As the driver shortage continues, trucking companies will have to apply creative methods in order to attract and keep qualified drivers. Download our latest guide to get strategies and tips for approaching your recruitment and retention in new ways.