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How to Beat the Driver Shortage and Earn Loyal Drivers

To manage costs and provide excellent service, your trucking company needs the right staff in place to handle your customers’ needs. However, your competitors want them too. The immense driver shortage has made it a huge challenge to find reliable drivers for your deliveries.

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You’ll Learn the Best Ways to:


a successful hiring process


a strong company culture


loyal drivers

Strategies to Beat the Shortage:

Learn how to survive—even thrive—in the driver shortage by creating satisfied drivers with a successful hiring process. In Part 2 of our driver retention series, we explore the right ways to enthuse and encourage your drivers, to stress accountability, and to reward your highest performers.

Driver metrics are only one component—you’ll learn creative ways to build a motivated and dependable fleet from the ground up.

employee_celebrateIn the first part of our series, we explored strategies to counteract the driver shortage plaguing the transportation and logistics industries by discussing how to recruit the right prospects. In this guide, the second and final part of the series, we explore how to retain recruits and how you can use business intelligence (BI) data to help retain employees. Download our latest guide to find actionable ways to keep your drivers happy and productive.