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Are you Ready? Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan for your System

Original webinar date: March 13th, 2019.

Although today's technology is impressive, nothing is perfect. Even the most secure systems can be brought down due to extreme weather, viruses, or employee error. It's likely that your company has a backup protocol - but have you ever actually tested it? Is it truly up to industry standards?

Join our DBA experts Lisa Bohm and Ian Cameron as they share some common mistakes businesses make when creating their disaster recovery plan, and which industry-standard best practices you should be following to mitigate issues. Learn how you can ensure your company is prepared with an effective and efficient method for restoring your systems after a malware attack or other damage, so you can be confident in the face of an emergency.

During our webinar, you'll learn:

• What types of backups and VM snapshots you should be taking,
  and how often

 Where your backups should be stored

 What a healthy disaster recovery plan looks like, and how you
  can create one for your own company

 How to practice so you are confident if an issue does occur

Who Should Watch:

Customers working in I.T.

About the Presenters:

Lisa Bohm, DBA Services Team Lead
Lisa Bohm is a Database Analyst Team Lead at Trimble. She has been working with SQL Servers for over 20 years, and brings a unique understanding of data management to the table. Lisa works to ensure clients have a healthy database environment and are running effective SQL code.
Ian Cameron, Database Engineer
Ian Cameron has worked for TMW Systems, now Trimble, for almost 8 years. He is skilled in SQL, technical support, and software implementation. Ian works with customers to ensure their database and code is up to standard.