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The 20:1 Solution

Calculating the ROI of a Modern Fleet Maintenance I.T. Solution

Are you happy with the performance of your fleet maintenance operations?

Many fleet executives report that they invest more time and energy analyzing the revenue side of their business than they do the cost side. 

And when it comes to cost centers, few can have a greater negative impact on a fleet's bottom line than fleet maintenance. Whether it’s a case of too many unexpected breakdowns, too little tracking and recovery of warranty dollars, too much invested in spare parts inventory, too much overtime, or simply too much paperwork, an inefficient maintenance shop can burn through money as quickly as any fleet can generate it.

Key White Paper Takeaways:

  • Hassle-free approach to identifying, filing and tracking warranty claims
  • Reduce inventory through process automation
  • Boost shop efficiency and control costs with an automated RO process
  • Reduce surprises and save costs with real-time visibility into the flow of your shop

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