This webinar has passed.

Original Webinar Date: October 3rd, 2018 from 1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT.

Join us for a comprehensive overview of what’s new in Fuel TMS! Our experts will show you how to harness new features and functionality to achieve greater productivity.

Explore CODOE enhancements and Trailer Compartment load configuration, the TMW Go! Fuel Driver mobile app, and our Degree Day forecaster to improve application performance and save you time.

We’ll provide an overview of the Forecaster Console’s trailer compartment enhancement, which creates orders based on what will actually fit in a trailer. See how trailer compartments can also help you determine which products can be included on a load. Learn how to maximize efficiency and save your drivers time with this configuration.

Fuel_TMSWe’ll also show you how to service more customers with less overhead with Trimble’s Fuel TMS Degree Day Forecaster. This new module combines the data from weather forecasting services with the average burn rate for each tank to intelligently anticipate when and where more fuel will be needed. Imagine how much time and money your company could save if you could optimize your deliveries instead of rushing to service hundreds of cold, angry homeowners in a sudden snowstorm, or sending a driver out to fill just two tanks. Harnessing the power of SasS and microclimate forecasting, our software not only helps predict when to deliver, but will actually refine its predictions each time you enter in historical weather data, increasing the accuracy of the system over time.

Finally, we’ll cover the TMW.Suite Fuel Go! Mobile app for drivers. See how drivers can easily manage their trip assignments and receive trip updates, all from their smartphone! Learn how convenient features such as pay detail look-up and messaging can support better communication between dispatch and your drivers.

In this webinar, you'll see:

  • An overview of the Degree Day Forecaster - what is it, and who is it for?
  • How to use this tool to manage in-ground inventory costs and improve carrier performance
  • An overview of the TMW.Suite Fuel Go! Driver app
  • An overview of other new enhancements in Fuel, including:
    • Many new CODOE user enhancements
    • The trailer compartments load configuration, and how the forecaster works with them.