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Maneuvering Through the Final Mile Challenge

Choosing the Right Software Solution and Avoiding the Traps

As companies face the challenge of a 21st Century economy, many are discovering that the obsolete management methods and tools they are using exacerbate the problem of improving delivery performance in this changing environment.

A vital part of the supply chain that is most often in need of overhaul is the final mile – the movement of product to their final destination. Final mile is the most visible portion of the supply chain to the consumer, and in the customer’s mind it is the most important aspect of delivery.

Key White Paper Takeaways:

  • How technology has changed the face of supply chain processes and the final mile
  • The challenges inherent in final mile and how to address them
  • What key functions you need to consider when choosing a final mile solution
  • The traps when implementing new processes and how to avoid them