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Maximizing Profitability without Minimizing Your Client Relationships

While there are tons of costs to worry about in the trucking industry, one cost center that deserves more attention is the relationship you have with your clients. Every haul comes with a number of client-related costs, and it can be hard to manage these costs without upsetting the customer.

Network management can boost your profits, and if employed correctly can help you build a more collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

In this executive summary, Damon Langley and Stephanie Williamson discuss challenges to profitability that trucking companies face, and they outline strategies for working with clients to increase profitability without eroding your relationships.

Key takeaways:

  • Improving network design and management for long-term profit growth
  • Better client management to decrease loss from Detention on Hours of Service
  • Strengthening your network to improve driver compensation and home time without eating into profits
  • Using data to effectively support your customer management decisions