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Using Constraint Throughput Analysis to Understand True Resource Utilization

Measuring and Maximizing Resource Utilization

The utilization of production resources is key to business success in every industry. Whether in manufacturing, consulting, farming, mining, or even in personal services—success is determined by effective utilization of resources that produce a revenue stream.

In trucking, constraint throughput analysis can help companies evaluate and maximize resource utilization to ultimately empower better business decisions.

In our guide to measuring and maximizing utilization, you’ll get:

  • Steeping_Cases_for_Blockchain_MockupAn overview of the most common resource utilization metrics
  • Methods, benefits and cautions for using throughput as a valuable utilization metric
  • Real-world models for evaluating and measuring resources and constraints
  • An evaluation of each aspect of a trucking business - from HOS to lanes to MPH - and how they impact overall resource utilization

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