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The Great Migration:
Is Moving to SaaS Right for
your Fleet?

Original webinar date: April 24th, 2019.

The Cloud is all the rage, but many people are undecided about making the move. If you've considered migrating your TMT system to SaaS, but aren’t sure of the benefits or how to get started, you aren’t alone. Our Asset Maintenance Professional Services Team is here to help!

Join us for a deep dive into the 'whys, ways and hows' of a move to SaaS.

During this session, we’ll focus on some of the benefits of a move to the cloud/SaaS, including reduced hardware upkeep, managed disaster recovery, reduced demand on your IT team, and easier upgrades. In short, we’ll help you answer the question “What does it mean to move my fleet's maintenance system into the cloud/SaaS environment?”

Next, we’ll look at what's involved with moving your TMT system to the cloud/SaaS environment, including necessary prep work, steps to make the move, and what to expect once your system is migrated.

If your hardware is nearing end-of-life, system backups have become cumbersome, or your upgrades are few and far between, moving to the managed IT services and hardware found in a cloud environment may be right for you. With a move to SaaS, your team can do what it needs to do – keep your trucks running – and not lose focus on keeping your software running.

During our webinar, you'll learn:

• Whether your fleet should migrate

 Benefits of moving to a cloud/SaaS environment

 Steps to prepare for the move, and how to migrate

 What to expect once your system has migrated

Who Should Watch:

AMS customers with hardware nearing end-of-life, fleets without dedicated I.T. professionals, or customers who want to migrate to the next phase of business software.

About the Presenters:

Alan Tomlinson, Director of Key Accounts
Alan is the Director of Key Accounts for Trimble Transportation's Asset Maintenance division in North Carolina. A long-time veteran of the transportation industry, Alan is passionate about finding the best-fit solution for each customer's unique needs.