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Original webinar date: January 31st, 2019 from 1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT


Recognizing proven Innovators, the 2018 Ovation Awards focus on a notable list of key customers and contributors to the Trimble customer base. This January, Trimble will bring our winners to you as they share practical, real-world case studies via our second annual Month of Innovation webinar series.

Bison Transport (1)


With five terminals across Canada, and over 2,600 employees and 1,400 tractors, Bison is the winner of the 2018 Ovation Award for Maintenance. Going beyond Ovation Awards, Bison stands as one of North America’s safest fleets with extensive safety awards from the Truckload Carriers Association, as well as multiple awards ranking them as a best fleet to drive for and one of Canada’s best managed companies.

Extending their work into technology, Bison Transport has leveraged TMT Fleet Maintenance program to successfully implement standard repair times, taking new measurable labor metrics and combining them with productivity, attendance and safety incidents to create a Shop and Technician Scorecard. This has resulted in a valuable benchmarking tool, as well as measurable efficiency gained – with more than $1 million saved over a 12-month period.