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Is Moving your TMS to the Cloud the Right Move for You?

Original webinar date: July 17th, 2019.

If you've considered migrating your TMS from on-prem to in-the-cloud, you aren't alone. But what's the true value of switching, and how will it impact your business?

Making the move to a subscription-based system can save your company from the significant outlays that traditional on-prem software demands. Replacing costly hardware and paying large IT teams to administer and maintenance your TMS can impose high demands on your available resources. Outsourcing disaster recovery, upgrades, and hardware upkeep is a smart way to lower overhead while taking advantage of new technology.

Join us as we outline what it takes to move to a subscription-based cloud environment. We'll discuss best practices and what to expect during setup and after implementation.

With a move to the cloud, your team can do what it needs to do – keep orders moving – without losing focus.

During our webinar, you'll hear:

How to recognize when it's time to make the move

Benefits of migrating

How to prepare for migration

Best practices and what to expect after moving to the

Who Should Watch:

IT staff, Directors, VPs, CIO/CTO, or Business analysts interested in learning about what SaaS is, how to get their business to SaaS, and what the overall move looks like./span>

About the Presenters:

Jake Melchert, Product Manager | Trimble Transportation
Jake Melchert is a Product Manager for TMWSuite at Trimble. He has spent over a decade working on bringing various software related products to market. Before joining Trimble, he worked on overseeing product initiatives related to framework, architecture and security for a global multi-tenant SaaS product line. Currently, Jake works on the TMWSuite product line of the Trimble family. His work oversees the operations for both asset and non-asset software systems including TL, LTL and Brokerage. His past expertise dealing with SaaS environments and products helps enable Trimble to be better situated to support the ongoing dynamic needs of the market.