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Proactive. Preventive. Protective.

You know the reality. Fleet safety and productivity impact your entire organization. Insurance rates, liability, CSA, profitability and even attracting and retaining good drivers and customers depend on operating well-maintained vehicles.

Plus, maintenance costs are rising.


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Key Takeaways:

Hidden Pitfalls

of historic and un-managed fault codes

Ways to Prevent Breakdowns

and avoid costly unscheduled service

Understand the Options

and savings found in two innovative Predictive Fault Code solutions

Don’t get sidelined by Fault Codes.

With over 10% of total transportation company operating expenses spent on maintenance, monitoring vehicle performance data on a near-real-time basis is critical. Breakdowns hurt bottom lines even more. Fault codes are a key part of solving the problem, but after the fact, fault codes are history. Predicting the fault before it causes a breakdown, now that’s the key.

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Wondering how you can manage a predictive and proactive plan to lower maintenance costs? Download a copy of our free guide, Vehicle Fault Code Analysis - Moving from Proactive to Predictive, and learn ways to get ahead of the breakdowns and repair costs facing your fleet today. Keep your fleet on the road and out of the breakdown lane.